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I am now expanding my Blog and looking to enlarge my network to improve my coverage of world events. To do this I need a network of professional bloggers who are passionate about writing informed, referenced, opinion pieces. Applying is simple and you will be given proper credit as an author and blogger for You will also be given a dedicated section on the ‘about’ page.

Why Write For Luke’s Ladle?

It may seem pointless writing for another person’s website when you could easily make your own and I would encourage you to do so. However, becoming a blogger for Luke’s Ladle will mean that we can start a peer reviewed network of informed opinion pieces on the internet to rival the current zeitgeist of uninformed opinion pieces in the media. My blog has really helped me develop my ideas and perspectives and I want to build upon this by opening up my corner of the internet to other like minded thinkers. This opportunity won’t make you money, but that’s not what this is about. You will: develop your writing skills, gain access to a network of like minded thinkers and be given the opportunity to make our work into something great. On top of this, writing for Luke’s Ladle will be the perfect addition to your CV as it will help you develop transferable skills such as collaboration (teamwork, for example), communication and personal interests (hobbies).

What Are the Entry Requirements?

I am looking for a bloggers who are at least at undergraduate level of education and preferably with experience in the Humanities and Social Sciences. This is not to discourage people from participating but a way to ensure a proper use of referencing is used in every post.

However, if you are experienced but do not have a degree I am happy to discuss via email.

You will have to follow the application process (see below) to become a blogger for this site.

Terms – What To Write About:

If you have read some of my posts then you will know that the this blog is themed around politics. I welcome you to write about anything in UK domestic policy and in global politics. I also accept posts on:  political theory and philosophy, historical perspectives on contemporary issues, religion (please note this does not include posts that advocate religion or ‘preach’, but instead consider the position of religion within contemporary society, for example the heightening of Islamophobia in Western media discourses), social policy and feminism/gender analysis. If there is something else that you think would be valuable to Luke’s Ladle and you would like to write about it then please mention this in your application.

Essentially this blog aims to integrate good academic practice (e.g. proper referencing) in every post so that claims made on this site are supported with sound evidence. Accessibility is a key feature of Luke’s Ladle so a clear bibliography and in text reference style is desirable. If my referencing preference is still unclear then please click here to see an example on my blog. I use Harvard referencing and encourage anyone interested in joining Luke’s Ladle to do the same.

There is no expectation to produce regular posts; you can do it weekly, month, yearly or just once. All that matters is that you let me know how many posts you aim to produce and when. There is, however, a cap of no more than one post a week. This is to give everyone (including myself) an opportunity for their work to be read and stay featured on the home page. However, if you have already posted once and then something really important comes up in the news that you feel needs to be covered then I am willing to discuss via email.

The word count for  posts is from 500 to 1200 though please note that smaller posts are preferred as they are easier to share and are more likely to be read all the way through.

The Process

I have seen some WordPress sites doing similar things where the creator expands their blog to include other bloggers. Some of these Blogs will have some kind of application process and will then give you access as an administrator. However, I will not be giving out my login details – instead you will be asked to submit your post via email and attach any photos and I will then edit and format your work accordingly. This does not mean you will not be credited. 

I will act as editor for the site so it will have to get my seal of approval to be included. This is not to say if I disagree with your point of view it will not go up, it just means that your argument needs to be persuasive and informed.


Go onto my contact page (click here) to apply via email. Please tell me why you are interested in writing for Luke’s Ladle and provide the following details:

  • Your level of education
  • The institution you study at (for example the University of East Anglia)
  • How often you want to produce posts on Luke’s Ladle
  • Why blogging for this website will be useful (for example you may want to be a journalist)
  • What referencing style you use
  • Extra curricular activities that you think are appropriate (for example you may write for a local newspaper or student society)
  • Your name (this is so I can credit you in your posts)
  • The country you live in (I don’t want an address, just an idea of where you are in the world)

I will respond within 10 working days to let you know if you have been successful. If you have, then there will one more step – a photograph and written summary (200-400 words) for your bio in the ‘about’ page (photo is not compulsory) and a link to your social media account  so that we can communicate more easily (it can be Facebook, Twitter, WordPress or a personal email).

You can always contact me using my contact page if you have any questions.

Thank you for your interest.