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Luke Aldridge, 21, student at the University of East Anglia.

Bio: That’s me looking contemplatively away from the camera whilst taking a selfie against the only bear wall in my house. Last year I created the UEA Blogging Society with a dedicated group of fellow students. Our collective aim was to encourage a community of bloggers within the University and to revel in the joys of posting our thoughts on the internet. However, my personal ambition went a bit further as I wanted my blog to reflect what I had learnt over the course of my Undergraduate degree in Politics. The result of this was this blog. I try my utmost to blog weekly although sometimes university deadlines and procrastination get in my way. I always aim to make my posts informed and I want anyone who reads them to get involved in the comments section. If you want to write a political piece but have no platform to get your opinion heard then join Luke’s Ladle today by clicking here!