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You can look at theĀ politics section for specific posts, such as domestic politics. Alternatively you can browse the homepage and take your pick.

A bit of context now. I am a politics student at the University of East Anglia (UEA). I try to use some of the academic practice I have learnt from my studies in my posts, though I won’t necessarily footnote every statement I make. Instead I will leave my readings at the end of each post and it is my promise that I will always fact check and research before engaging in a political topic. If you want to know specific sourcesĀ for certain statements I make then please contact me. I do this because too often blogs, and indeed the media as a whole, make generalisations on complex political debates with little understanding of the core issues. I hope to move past this trend and provide meaningful, informed opinion pieces.

I hope you enjoy some of my posts, have a nice day.