Top Scotch: Lagavulin AKA BBQ In a Glass.


The reason I spent close to £50 on this bottle of 16 year old single malt is simple – Parks and Recreation. That’s right, a TV show made me spend a substantial amount of dough on, let’s face it, an easily consumed item.


Why I hear you metaphorically ask? Well I wanted to OK!?!?!?! One of my favourite characters, Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman), consumes this scotch consistently throughout the series and, I’m not gonna lie, it looks blooming tasty. After further research I found out that Lagavulin was more than just a character trait, it was the preferred scotch of the actor himself, Offerman, and one of the Parks and Recreation producers. On top of this I read a variety of positive reviews online so I decided to invest, admittedly I had had a few beers so this could be seen as an “impulse buy”. But who cares, other than my overdraft? Not me that’s for sure…


Lagavulin is made in Scotland, obviously, on an  the isle of Islay.


This whisky is nearly as old as me (for those of you who are interested I have matured for four more years than the scotch in question- do the maths) so it would be fair to assume that it would taste like the millennium in a bottle. I must admit, despite hearing good reviews, I was expecting a very pungent, petrol-like taste as the ‘experts’ on Amazon claimed that Lagavulin was perfect for the ‘connoisseur’. According to one review it had a ‘full body, with smokey undertones’. You probably guessed, I am neither a connoisseur or an amazon reviewer, so in my mind I was in for a bad day. I was also very hesitant to open the bottle in the first place because £50 is no joke, but after fixing my garage door like a ‘man’ I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to get tasting. And boy, what a taste it was. I poured a glass or ‘dram’ (for those who care – I had it neat) and took a gentle yet masculine sip. To begin with, it was no different from your standard Jack Daniels (JD) – it burnt the tongue. However, unlike your basic JD, when I swallowed (oh behave) it was like sipping from a warm cup of hot chocolate on a winter’s eve(#imagery). It was so unbelievably smooth, as if I had inhaled a cool breeze on a summer’s day (#imageryisgettingabitold).

I was, at the very least, pleasantly surprised by the outcome. The reviews were right, it had a smokey aftertaste (as the title suggests) that was like drinking BBQ smoke. That may not sound pleasant I know, but in whisky form it works really well.

So to summarise the taste: it was smooth and smokey.


I would say that, as a student, it isn’t very economical. However, if you fancy yourself as a whisky lover then, at some point in your life, you should try this whisky. It would also make a mighty fine gift for a loved one (the message behind this is buy me whisky, specifically this one).


Although I am not the most seasoned scotch lover, I would give this a solid:

4 out of 5.png

My reasoning is simple: I haven’t tried enough scotch to give it a perfect score, though it is without a shadow of a doubt the nicest scotch I have ever tasted. So here’s to you Islay, you make a mean spirit!



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