Current Affairs: Brexit, the Fall and Fall of a Generation

The following post is my response to the referendum, it is quite dense and also opinionated. I appreciate any responses and want it stated that, although I take a strong position, I do not wish ill to any person who reads this, regardless of their political views.

The current young generation of Britain has had a difficult time in recent years. We’ve struggled to get employment and equality through the global crash of 2007/2008 and tax payers have tried to overcome inflation and debt ever since public money bailed out the banks. Now the powers that be have little time to invest in people and, as a result, the wealth divide has increased tenfold.

Property prices have soared, job vacancies have decreased, human rights have been abused through austerity, and neoliberal ideology has become idolatry, indoctrinating us into thinking that we have put ourselves in this position. Therefore, making our government less accountable. All this has allowed neoconservative right wing politics to be popularised by the general public which is fuelled by an ever growing elitist, privatised media who desire more to insight hatred than provide critical and investigative journalism. Smear campaigns have run a mock over Britain’s politics and press, all the while people have become more desperate. The referendum results are symbolic of this desperation. There is no rise for our generation, we were born falling and now, in the wake of brexit’s stupidity and hatred, we fall again.

Since the results of the referendum we have all heard of the negative impact on the sterling and now political parties are divided. This is just the start. There is a growing fear amongst the international community of the xenophobia and racial abuse that has surged in Britain since the result on the 23rd of June.

As is the case with so many acts of political lies and misinformation, the leave campaign have exploited a public who are at the end of their tether and used them to secure a more radical, extremist, state. This is political ignorance at its peak and the irony is that it only serves to make the brexit weaker and more and more unlikely to succeed. It highlights the multitude of ignorance and reactionary politics that exist amongst the leave campaign. The fact of the matter is that the EU referendum is not legally binding policy, nor does it mean that it gives the sole right for the leave campaign to rule Britain. It only functions if strong leadership is willing to carry out the proceedings through months, if not, years of negotiation and, quite frankly, there is not one single conservative politician who is capable of taking on that responsibility. It is going to be a complicated few months with multiple political actors using many different scapegoats for the mistakes that have been made both before and after the referendum. I advise anyone who reads this to not fall for these lies. I advise you all to realise the reality of the situation, that the vote to leave is not right for Britain. It has shown the fine balance between order and chaos and how we need proper representation and proper investment, not selfish, power hungry, and divisive politicians/political campaigns. This can not, and will not, be achieved by a radical, conservative government. There will be more cuts, more lies, and more abuses to every citizens basic rights as well as encouraged racial hatred.

So now, we as a generation have fallen for a second time. The question is, how long until we hit the ground?




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