Current Affairs: Jo Cox Tribute

I felt it necessary as a student of politics and as a blogger of current events to express my anguish over what happened to Jo Cox and her family in Yorkshire earlier today. To think that such an atrocity happened within the UK is symbolic of how unstable we are becoming. Whether you are in favour of remain or brexit, the previous sentence cannot be denied.

There has been much speculation over why it happened. As expressed in the source below, eyewitnesses have said that the aggressor shouted “Britain first” before stabbing and shooting Jo Cox to death in broad day light in front of the people she represented. Others, mainly on Twitter, have said that this event is a convenient ‘false flag’ for the in campaign and a ‘Muslim lie’.

Source –

This I would like to address. Not only are these views ignorant and distasteful, they symbolise a much larger hatred.

I feel it should be made clear that the person responsible for Jo Cox’s death, whether just mentally ill or a brexit/ Britain First supporter, has committed an act of domestic terrorism. Plain and simple. No matter what his beliefs, he intentionally killed an innocent woman to invoke terror and fear. We are always so eager to label acts of terrorism in other instances, so I feel it necessary to acknowledge this event for what it is. We can’t let this become another case where the true victim is not realised, much like the mass shooting in Orlando Florida recently . We must accept and address these acts against humanity and social justice for what they are so that ignorance cannot succeed yet again.

I want to express my deepest sympathies for Jo Cox’s family and friends, and hope that this horrific event does not lead to further acts of hatred.


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